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Blast Hardcheese

Just wanted to say that this is an awesome idea for a blog. It's amazing that I didn't wind up in a mud hut somewhere in Mongolia, given the amount of "sky will be falling Real Soon Now" stuff I read as a kid.

If you're taking suggestions, there was one particular book that gave me nightmares. It was called "The End of the Dream," by Philip Wylie.


Another suggestion: They used to show us "future" films in middle school (mid-70's) that came out of Bell Labs. That's where I first learned that the world was going to run out of fossil fuels be 1985. Thing is, I don't think those films were particularly lefty (they suggested nukes, as I recall). They were just wrong.


Old NaCl

Wasn't the Brown Pelican the bird in "The Pelican Brief" written by John Grisham?
Wonder what he was reading when he was a kid.


Besides "The End of the Dream", another good compantion to this is "Stand on Zanzibar"

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