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September 12, 2014


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I went mundane camping this weekend with my Pennsic gear. The other campers were ooh'ing and aah'ing at my tent. Some guys came over to ask how we packed the wooden bed. I have a compact car, and we showed how it all breaks down with tongue & grooves and pegs, and the pieces are hinged. The side pieces of the bed and the footboard are perfect fits for the trunk area. The headboard lays on the backs of the folded down seats. The canvas for the wall tent rolls up to the size of a sleeping bag.

We don't have a good solution for a flat pack table built yet.


It really helps if you have more than one person to set up. I'm usually either camping by myself - in which case I don't want to be trying to get 6+ pavilion poles staked out on my own - or with my family - in which case, folding down the back seats would *really* inconvenience the kids.

I'm sketching out a sort of hybrid solution in my head. Something like a geteld could be as small as the Boy Scout 2-man tents we used in our Girl Scout troop, with just 2 vertical poles and a ridge pole. The canvas for a small tent packed to about 'large sleeping bag' size, although much heavier. Then use a modern self-inflating air mattress and hide it under wool blankets.

I got an Exped MegaMat for Battle on the Bay. Either it's got a puncture already, or I didn't let it self-inflate enough, because I had to keep re-inflating it all night long. >.< Gonna try it again this weekend to try to debug the situation.

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