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May 19, 2005



So... limiting Porte to NPCs only, then? Since spleen-grabbing and trachea-crushing have rather similar effects, I'd think an adaptation of Star Wars Darkside rules might be appropriate?

I think I'd favor a new secret society for the Society of Theus. DKR isn't the most intellectual bunch of warrior-monks around. Granted, you could totally rewrite them, but the name's not that cool and they do perform a few useful functions as they stand. I could see them paired with the Society, actually - one serves to counter the Inquisitions metal monsters, the other its idealogical attacks.

Speaking of DRK's other functions, though - a wee bit more description of "mystic backlash" might be appropriate. I'd guess Girl Genius-style fights between Giant Monsters from Beyond Space and Time and Inquisitorial steam-mecha, but maybe you had something more... metaphysical in mind?

*sniff* Sidelining the Triple Kingdoms? No, laddie, no! Why don't we just have Mad Jack leave again and have a friendly little Inish civil war, with the Montaigne poking their noses in. Avalon might be interested except that you know Elaine loses that cup at some point and the Glamour goes awa', and there's more variations of who's dead, alive, marrying and invading than I can easily list. For preference, I think I'd have Elaine live, King Priam leading a very effective invasion into her south Avalon, and an alliance via marriage with MacDuff suddenly being a very real option. MacDuff, meanwhile, has nobles who want him to get involved in either war, on either side, and those who want the Marches to mind its own business.

(Of course, I suggest this for purely selfish reasons; I like playing Triple Kingdomers and it would be sad if all three islands were lost behind a veil of Glamour.)

Moe Lane

...or we could go with some of Jaymiel's suggestions, too. Can't comment on the Darkside, splitting off the DKR and Thesuits works for me, BEM vs Inquisition steam-mecha does seem sort of my schtick and your Avalonian angle does work better than mine. Obliged. :)

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