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May 11, 2005


Chris Anthony

I don't know the answer to this, sadly, but I did want to point something out - Amazon's links are a lot more unwieldy than they have to be. In particular, that link can be shortened to this without losing integrity; you don't need anything after and including "qid=".

Also - have you considered signing up for an Amazon Associates account? I don't know how often you intend to link to Amazon-y things, but it might be useful.

Moe Lane

"Also - have you considered signing up for an Amazon Associates account? "

I have, but I intend to post original In Nomine material to this site, and I'm a little leery of doing that and revenue generating at the same time. I'm not entirely certain that the Amazon Wish List is kosher enough...

Chris Anthony

I think if Stormloader is allowed to put ads on your website, you're allowed to put an Amazon Associates link on your blog. ;) I'm not 100% sure - and I don't have a link to the SJ Games Online Policy handy - but I don't think it ought to be a problem.

Incidentally, I feel obliged to note that you now, after a week and a half of blogging, 75% of the hit count it took me six months to accumulate. ;)

Moe Lane

I guess that I should email SJG and find out, then; just to be on the safe side.

Chris Anthony

It's hardly a huge deal - I was just sayin'. :) If you want to, sure, email away. If you don't, no more pressure from me. :)

Chris Anthony

Although, actually, now that I think of it - if you do end up emailing them, would you let me know the result? I was going to post some IN stuff over at Aleae, but now I'm all nervous. :)

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