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May 08, 2005


Chris Anthony

Damn it, Moe, I was drinking coffee when I read that title. ;)

It's a great idea, though. Like an Iron Rev, but without all those pesky ingredients or length restrictions.

Moe Lane

Hey, I've got the space, yaknow?


Sigh. I'd do an entry, but it's damned hard to try and top Chrissie, Cherub Arvhangel of Innocence (from Tattered Symphony.)

Chris Anthony

Arvhangel? Is that like the Arghangel of Errata - Chrissie is too innocent to realize that the typo wasn't deliberate? ;)

(I tease because I care, Royce. ;)


It's actually a contraction of "Ardvark Angel". Most people don't realize that in the Tattered universe, Chrissie worked under Jordi, not David, before being made Archangel. :)

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