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June 16, 2005



Ooo, ooo, can I vote?

I don't know that much about Delta Green and Unknown Armies and I think I confuse the two of them. DG is the Cthulu one, right? Is there Mythos is UA, too? I have a hard time seeing you run horror, honestly - at least, not without a lot of prep work. The tone of horror clashes with your usual GMing tone (e.g., "wacky").

All Flesh Must Be Eaten may well be a wacky horror game, so I'll let that one pass without comment. I harbor my doubts that one could build a campaign around killing zombies, but if anyone could, it would be you. All the same, this sounds like a better candidate for one-shots or mini-campaigns.* Hm, or Zombie Art Games?**

You know my feelings on Paranoia, so we'll just move on.

Superheroes do not thrill my soul, but if you were running, I'd give it a try. It'd be different, I'm sure. I don't know enough about Mage to get excited about it one way or the other.

Feng Shui and Wyrd is Bond get into genres I'm not entirely comfortable or familiar with but would be willing to give a try. I personally think Feng Shui might be more fun without the meta-plot, though. But it does look kinda cool.

I have this feeling that if you run In Nomine, I will end up playing a string of Soldiers who die painfully in every other game until I finally play a Saint. There's just something about In Nomine that makes me really, really, really want to play humans. (Maybe it's to address that tension between the importance of humanity and their pathetic weakness in the face of the Celestial.) I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but it's a thing.

GURPS What? I didn't like running GURPS, but I'm OK with playing it. I'm a 7th Sea fangirl, but am getting my fix at the moment.

Castle Falkenstein seems very interesting - probably the most intriguing to me personally - but I once again wonder at the tonal fit. I suppose with the right choice of adventures, it wouldn't be a problem.


*Which is another idea - run month-long mini-campaigns (with pregen characters) for ALL THE SYSTEMS! It's madness, MADNESS I tell you!

** You know, where you get Artistic with the game concept. AFMBE has expansions for pulp and fantasy at least; there could be other genres made better with zombies. We'd play the same characters (with minor changes for genre), hopping from genre to genre to kill zombies. Not that the characters would acknowledge the change - see there's the Art. It's an exercise in observing the fit of the classical Hero Archtypes into, um, zombie-slaying adventure.

Yeah, I'm procrastinating.


A GURPS In Nomine game where a bunch of Soldiers (Celestial sort) connected with Delta Green get sucked through a dimensional portal to King Ludwig's court and end up defending a group Mages from the zombie hordes of The Computer?

Or, knowing you, something positively *wierd*.


No, Moe what depressing is I had half a thought to try to drive the 150 or miles to try to get to any of the games you plan to run.


Archangel Beth

In Nomine. And one of the adventures from e23. So that you can then report on how well they work (or, so I can learn, where they don't work).

(Who, me, biased? Well, I never claimed to be an Elohite.)

Moe Lane

Well, the Archangels have spoken. In Nomine it is. Not that Royce's idea doesn't have its charms (you live around Laurel, MD, right?), but I've never needed to plan such, ah, plot twists....

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