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July 06, 2005



Just curious, Moe: there can't be two monumental geeks in the world named Moe Lane, can there? I mean, what are the odds?

Moe Lane

no, hold on, that isn't quite
the right quote, is it?


My answer, in haiku, yet. Yes, this must be you.

Mellow greetings, Moe. And...Poughkeepsie? Really? Why?

Moe Lane

Because somebody - I think that it was Eric Burns, who runs Websnark - once claimed that nothing ever happened in Poughkeepsie, and that sort of thing is like a red flag to me. :)


PS: Good to see you, too.


I've missed you, Moe. And I'm starting to think that the Noble Experiment has failed, at least as far as I'm concerned. Never having made it as a frequent poster over at OW, I'm considering bailing. Life's just too short to obsess about politics full-time.

Moe Lane

No comment, Slarty.

Chris P

Moe, I noticed that you have At All Costs up on your amazon wish list. Have you heard that it's available through www.baen.com as an E-ARC?

I read it about a week ago. It's probably my favorite since HOTQ.

Moe Lane

"Have you heard that it's available through www.baen.com as an E-ARC?"

In point of fact, I did not. Thank you for the head's-up... :)


Your fiancee is cool! I'm off to find an offbeat cult comic to use in *my* dissertation!

:::waves at Moe, delighted to see him unpoliticked and happy:::

Moe Lane

You make it sound like your average webcomic artist wouldn't jump at the chance... :)

Moe Lane

If Tayler's reaction's typical, the average one would probably jump at the chance. :)


Do you know any who are discussing fMRI scans of the anterior cingulate cortex? :-)

Chris P

"In point of fact, I did not. Thank you for the head's-up... :)"

You are very welcome. The outcome of the book leaves you on the edge of your seat. Be careful about when you start reading it, because you probably won't be able to stop. I ended up reading till 6 am, with predictably bad results on real life.

All in all, I can't wait for Crown of Slaves II.

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