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July 07, 2005



As I said elsewhere, decorum has marvelous sound-deadening properties, for those with the skill to properly wield it.

And although I see no harm in giving AQ a few unusually hard whacks just in case they were involved, I do agree that positive ID is very, very important.


Nice to "see" you Moe. Thanks for the note on the Union Jack...I've added one to my art blog.

Moe Lane

"As I said elsewhere, decorum has marvelous sound-deadening properties, for those with the skill to properly wield it."

That leaves me out, then.

Moe Lane

Hey, Edward. You have an art blog?


yeah...click on the name...Mac hangs out there a bit (and despite the banner, it's mostly politics-free)...

Moe Lane

Add a smiley to that; I'm juggling three things right now. :)


Hi, Moe.

On the off chance you haven't seen it yet, you might like what
Ken Livingstone had to say.


three blogs or three lives?


Edward has an art blog?

I gotta start going to the meetings. That's two blogs I now have to add to my read list.

No one tells me anything...


Moe!! Hi!

Moe Lane

Actually, I was about to add it; Edward's art blog entry reminded me.

My sympathies and best wished for your nation and people, of course.

James Casey

Hey, Moe, thanks for the solidarity. I grew up when the IRA were doing their thing, and once was in an area where the Police had to carry out a controlled explosion, but what strikes me today, which I don't think I've heard too much about in reports from New York and Madrid, is the compassion of so many people contacting others to see if they're okay. I've been doing that to many I know in the affected areas, and many have done it to me. Compassion will defeat hatred.

P.S. Union Flag, actually, though... only correctly the Jack in a few occasions... blogs not one of them, I'm afraid! Hoist on a ship, it's the Union Jack. Usually, properly called the Union Flag.


I didn't know Jack about that, JC (sorry)...what exactly does "jack" mean in that context?

three blogs or three lives?

One blog to rule them all.

Well, sorta.


ahoy hoy. don't know enough about geekstuff to contribute much here, but it's good to know you're writing.

James Casey

Edward, a jack is a flag flown on a staff at the bow of a ship, yer see...


Hmmm...if that's so, what's a "man jack"?

Sounds painful.

James Casey

Hey, no one said English had to make sense, Slarti...


In fact, we'd get rather upset if you tried to make the language sensible...

Moe, thanks for the solidarity, and to somewhat assuage your concerns: we're unlikely, as a nation, to call for vast retributive campaigns. We'll do this with five, six and the special ops people. We've learned an awful lot of lessons in Ulster about how not to fight terrorism, and after a quarter of a century I think we've got it a little bit right.

So no worries, mate. We'll get it sorted.


Moe, you suck and are ruining this blog.



(Just for ol' times sake)



Yo, Moe, glad to see you're manifesting again -- albeit in strange, scarey, apolitical form.

Time to pry: When's the weddin'?


Moe, I found ObWi after you left, so I just wanted to drop by and say "thanks."

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