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August 23, 2005



I didn't find EP3 so bad, if you did most of the following: Pretend Ep1 didn't exist, pretend Ep2 didn't exist, or, alternatively, view it as a silent movie that you provide meaningful dialog for, fully embrace the Clone Wars series, and then pretend that Anakin and Obi-wan really were good friends and that Anakin's relationship with Padme was for real.

That helps tons. As far as my obsessiveness goes, I was pretty close to buying some editing software so I could load all three movies in and cut a decent 3 hour movie out of them. And redub some lines. I think there is a killer story in there trying desperately to claw its way out of the wreckage. In fact, I'm still pretty close, but I got distracted by RC helicopters about a month ago, and hey... one obsession at a time.


The main thing my husband (then-boyfriend) and I accomplished the week between the end of finals and college graduation was building a Lego imperial walker--from scratch, as it were; no Star Wars legos, just what he still had in his closet from when he was 10.

Neolith, I liked ep 3 okay, but I can't see how any amount of cutting would make the love story anything other than crap.


Have you thought about using MLCAD? Seems like the obvious choice for anyone without the cash for real Legos who wants to do Lego-inspired animation or images. The learning curve can be a little steep, but much less so if you're familiar with POV-RAY.

Moe Lane

Reverse order:

There's just something so deeply wrong about using a computer program to do CGI for Legos, Catsy. :)

I'm impressed, Katherine. We won't have room for Legos, although if everything on the registry gets bought I might ignore that*...

Never saw Clone Wars, Neolith. It was good?


*Jaymiel: that was a joke, dear.


Never saw Clone Wars, Neolith. It was good?

Clone Wars was hands down the best prequel. I particularly like what they term "Season 2" (episodes 11-20 of the original series).

And Katherine? You are much, much woman. And your then-bf is much, much man.

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