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August 14, 2005



Spiffiness! The SO and I keep making vague noises at each other about acquiring rings and setting a date, but haven't quite gotten around to it yet. In a fit of materialistic curiousity, I ask: do you have pictures?

(I suspect I'll be hitting Boone Titanium when we finally poke at ring-stuff. Such pretty rings, and there's nothing quite like titanium to say "stylish, yet difficult to cut off in case of an emergency.")

Moe Lane

No pictures; they are, after all, simple gold bands (I wanted a design evocative of the One Ring, but not very badly, and was easily talked out of it). The titanium was interesting, but if we really wanted those we have (well, she has; well, she sorta has) access to a machine shop that can handle that sort of thing.

Marrying an engineer is fun. :)


I wanted a design evocative of the One Ring, but not very badly, and was easily talked out of it

Hmm. Funny thing. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that one (small) reason for my choice in ring had to do with the remote possibility that I'd someday contract leprosy, lose my wife, have a nasty confrontation with a beggar, pass-out-whilst-almost-getting-hit-by-a-police-car, and wake up in The Land. The outside chance of saving humanity from the forces of Evil via wild magic seemed to be just one more reason to go with white gold.

Moe Lane

Heh. I remember looking at the rubies when I was picking out an engagement ring and thinking "Hmm. Fireballs would be useful for her".


girls' rings are always smaller I think. Mine was less than fifty bucks. I am perversely proud of the fact that the combined value of my engagement and wedding rings was not even one month's salary, and he was a grad student at the time. This was entirely my decision--take that, bridal industrial complex!

Yellow gold is nice for a wedding ring. It gets a bit worn, but in a good way.

Can't help on the superheroes.

Moe Lane

" This was entirely my decision--take that, bridal industrial complex!"

Jaymiel herself was fairly adamant that I not spend several grand on an engagement ring. Then again, the social conditions that fueled that particular tradition don't really exist any more, so the two month rule is more an extravagance than anything else these days.


Jess is more or less of the same mind as I am on our engagement rings: nothing extravagant, nothing expensive, plain silver bands are just fine, although she would like a small moonstone in hers. I can oblige, but we have yet to find ones we like and may have to have them made. I'm okay with that. We can wait.

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