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August 10, 2005



OK, I give up... what does this have to do with the Turing test? If the blog was randomly generated by a computer I'm impressed! (Unless they hand-tagged all the images a priori.)


Wow. I can totally reformat your blog from here with just one unclosed HTML tag?

All fixed.

Moe Lane

It was a mock-snarky comment re the extremely odd mindset of the blogger in question, dear. :)


That blog is quite similar in tone to that of blogger D-Rod at Totally Whacked.

I suspect it's a cultural reference of some kind that we just don't get.

...or that at least I don't get.


*For a given value of 'famous', alas.

Famous enough that I've heard of it!

...so, um, yeah, point.

Moe Lane

Yeah, that's the problem, huh? They should be learning about that guy in grammar school; aside from nothing else, his final Nazi-killing score was impressive, even by mathematician standards.

Moe Lane

As for Totally Whacked... yeah, it does seem to want to live up to the name, huh?

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