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August 29, 2005



National Treasure. What an unrecognized work of genius that was! Oh, it wasn't that it was a /great/ movie, but you're spot-on about it being a total gamer film--I've /been/ on GM snipe hunts like that before. :D

I can't really argue with any of your other examples. I would probably offer up Aliens as a quintessential sci-fi horror dungeon hack, at least up until everyone dies and Ripley goes solo--and even that works if you're playing a last-man-standing campaign and really trying to kill off the party.

And come on, who hasn't wanted to be a space marine at some point? You get to carry the greatest rifle ever made.

Actually, I would quibble a bit with Die Hard as being unworkable for a gaming group (unless your group was playing the terrorists--now that would be interesting). But if we're going to expand our horizons towards inspiration, I submit the SciFi Channel's Invisible Man series as not only having the best banter outside of Firefly or The West Wing, but buddy chemistry to rival the Lethal Weapon movies. Gamers should study this series, particularly once Vincent Ventresca and Paul Ben-Victor start to settle into their characters a few episodes in. Pure gold for the first season, regrettably downhill in the second.

Moe Lane

"Actually, I would quibble a bit with Die Hard as being unworkable for a gaming group"

Very possibly: but as a reference for GMs it's pure gold. That series used its surroundings in a way not often seen; everything that you were shown was there for a reason, and you were given a fair chance to work out the plot twists ahead of time.

Plus, the bit with "Now I have a machine gun too. Ho Ho Ho"? Classic gaming trash-talking there.

As for Aliens: honestly, they could've made a kickass movie out of just the Space Marines - and, no, they didn't and just called it Starship Troopers; I will ban defenders of that film* - but the first two movies of that series are both gaming fun. As for Invisible Man: what I saw of it I liked. Particularly the bit with the W-2 forms in the first episode. :)


*Probably not, but don't roll those bones. I had to be tied to a chair and fed vodka before they could get me to watch that movie.


I had to be tied to a chair and fed vodka before they could get me to watch that movie.

Man, you and Jaymiel have an... open relationship.


I'd recommend The Boondock Saints, as long as we're talking gaming movies.

The only question is whether it's Connor and Murph who are the PCs, or Smecker, or even maybe Rocco.


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