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August 20, 2005



You are a geek. A big, raging, unrepentant geek.*

And sorely missed, at that.

(*says the guy who's spent nearly a thousand dollars on wargaming miniatures and modeling supplies)


Obviously, you're the Beast. Erudite and entertaining! If possibly less blue.


Go for the brownie points! Beast is my Dad's favorite X-Man, and possibly his favorite superhero.

Oh wait... that's kind of an argument against, isn't it? At least, if Dad's had enough wedding wine at that point to be indiscrete.

"The Beast? As Moe? But the Beast is [blah blah] and Moe is [blah]."


Congrats Moe! Exhumed our books from storage just yesterday and got in trouble for rereading The Dark Night Returns instead of working.

Nice thing about marriage is that no matter how bad you feel about yerself, there's one person who thinks you're the best. So, I vote Superman.

Glad to see you're back on the web and enjoying yourself again. Cheers!

Moe Lane

"You are a geek. A big, raging, unrepentant geek."

One tries. :)


PS: Beast is tempting.

PPS: Superman? No, but the Iron Giant... no, not to scale. Dammit.


The Iron Giant... dressed like a ninja?!

...hey, you've got "Snakes on a Plane", I've got "Dressed like a Ninja". We all achieve enlightenment in our own way.


Moe, I'm shocked that the obvious choice hasn't yet occurred to you.

"Evildoers, you face... The Tick!"


Do they make a Tick for HeroClix?!


"Tick: You know, evil comes in many forms, be it a man-eating cow or Joseph Stalin. But you can't let the package hide the pudding. Evil is just plain bad. You don't cotton to it. You gotta smack it on the nose with the rolled up newspaper of goodness. Bad dog! Bad dog! "

That is just *so* Moe... I don't know if they make a Tick figure in the HeroClix line, but you need to find one somewhere. A quick search through eBay yields hits on "Tick figurines", so you might check there for some interesting stuff.


Also, look in the "Action Figures" category -- there's several possibilities, including a "Tourist Tick" that I think would be perfect. It would be even funnier if you got "American Maid" to go along with it, but...


Incidentally: The Tick is now showing at 10pm Central on Toon Disney, believe it or not. I'm in love.

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