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August 04, 2005


Chad Underkoffler

I like the art of pantomime.

I think most mimes suck at it.



I've seen a performance by mimes exactly once, back in elementary school. It was a group of high school students that the drama teacher had gotten together. Before the performance, he took the time to explain to us what the face paint and dark clothing were supposed to accomplish. And there was narration with the scenes they did.

It was quite good.

Never really liked any other mimes I've seen, though.



Moe Lane

OK, in order:

Yes, Chad, but would you let one of your players be a superhero mime? (That would be for Chad's new RPG Truth & Justice, available now at e23!)

Fade: I dunno if people playing mimes count: it's the hardcore mime lifestyle that may be at issue.
I also note that SPANC (Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirl, Fade's fun new card game, available at fine gaming stores everywhere and here) has no mimes, whether for the side of... well, Good-Looking... or for the side of Evil. I dunno what this means, except that we need an expansion set, obviously.

Finally, DPU: OK, I see your point.



Finally, DPU: OK, I see your point.


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