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August 05, 2005


Chris Anthony

Uh-oh. Dare I ask?

Moe Lane

Ehh. It's better, now. We had to work out some wedding invite issues with unnamed third parties.


Look, the official costume of my people is whipped cream and a ukelele, and I'll be damned if I replace either with that robotic pirate-ninja costume you insist we all wear!

Sheesh. And they say mawwiage is a dweam wiffin a dweam.

Moe Lane

Jeebus, Anarch, we've been over this. The presence of a loaded ukelele at a ninja wedding has been deemed to be a deadly insult since the Harding Rectification of 1923; unloaded is considered to be a valid compromise by every interested party from the Ninja Union to the Unitarians, as you blipping well know already.

This is really about the entire piling gold on a scale until it matches the bridal couple's weight thing. Which is fine - shoot, if it were solely up to me I'd just register at Penny's, or something - but you could at least admit it.

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