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November 23, 2005


Chris Anthony

What I want to know is, how many characters past "fiancee" did you get before you realized that your relationship's name had changed? ;)

Happy Thanksgiving, guys.

Moe Lane

Electroshock therapy is my friend, Chris. :)


PS: Happy Thanksgiving right back at you.

Jim Henley

New? New?? Dude, we're like, way way established. Hell, we've got COMMENT SPAM that's older than this joint! ;)


I'd guess they went with a 20x20 room because they needed twice as much pie, and twice as many orcs.

Moe Lane

Ah-HA! Except that it'd be 8x as many. Or one really, really big gelatinous cube. :)


Mmmmmm, Jell-O-atinous cubes...

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