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November 30, 2005



Darling, what the hell? ;)

You are normally so clear! But I can't help but think that there's a comma where a dash ought to be, or an 'is' for an 'if,' or an absent question mark or... something.

And the title refers to... what? The only 'PSA' that comes to my mind is the Personal Satellite Assistant, but I somehow doubt that's what you mean.


Oh, Public Service Announcement. Well, there's one mystery cleared up.

Archangel Beth


Moe Lane

Well, this is one way to get comments (aside from, like, posting more often): post confusingly. :)

OK, translating from Moe-ese: I was listening to the linked song this morning during my commute and it stuck in my head, I noted that GC hasn't started up under the new artist yet, GC always encourages me to Elf-bash... look, it all makes perfect sense to me, 'kay? :)

Eric Burns

Yes, that amadan. ;)

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