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July 17, 2007


Archangel Beth

*cackles cheerfully* Yes, that about covers it, looks like...

Sariel D.

[admires!] I definitely want to use this in my games, if I ever run another canon-game. The sheer amount of attunements that nerf dissonance conditions -- especially when it's the Superior's own condition! -- always gets to me, and it doesn't make sense for Asmodeus to ignore them . . .

(By the way -- I just got around to checking the INML archives for the first time in forever, and found this post you made. I'm the author of In Nomine Purgationis. :)

It's still in progress, really! It's just that real life ate me for awhile, and then I decided to move things over to http://www.greatestjournal.com/~in_purgationis -- which means that I need to finish moving the completed stuff before I go back to work on the incomplete stuff. (Most of the remaining Superior writeups are almost finished; I just need to brainstorm some more attunements for each, then put my thoughts on their organizations and Domains into text.)

I work better when I'm getting feedback on posted materials, though. [innocent] [grins])

Moe Lane

I work better when I'm getting feedback on posted materials, though. [innocent] [grins])

Don't we all. :)

Sariel D.

Of course! Feedback is love. :-)

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