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August 22, 2007


Sariel D.


I really like Justice, and Mercy is interesting, although I'm not quite sure on one point. Outside of Tattered or a similar AU, I have trouble seeing Dominique as ever considering the Seraph resonance "something that would just get in the way". I mean, this is the mistress of the Seraph of Judgment attunement and the Archangel who gives out Scales, here. [laughs]

On a reread, I think you're going for the idea that Dominique doesn't want to be biased by their past when judging their future? Which makes sense, but I think I'd suggest that Mercy should amplify any available angelic resonances (alliteratively enough) or channel and amplify Mihr's Elohite resonance, or something like that, rather than silencing them. At worst, it'd still get blocked by Superior ineffability; at best -- I need to dig up a link. [laughs]

--Ah, here we go. Beth wrote this (AU) fic awhile back. In it, yes, you could argue that Dominique's resonance is blinding her to the more important truths -- but it's also her resonance that saves her from that, in the end. Seraph resonance is scarily flexible, and extremely valuable when you're questioning someone in regards to their penitence. Superior-level Elohite resonance is probably more useful, if the Seraph rez is getting ineffability fuzz, but all six levels of Seraph rez are valuable. ("He believes he's telling the truth about his penitence, but he chose to tell the truth for $selfish_reason, and the Truth is that he's lying." That sort of thing.)

. . . and apologies for the sudden essay, I read this right before trying to go to bed, and it gave me insomnia by waking up the Judgment fangirl in me. [laughs] Which is a good thing, since it clearly resonates enough with my conception of Judgment to ping it. [grins]

Moe Lane

Quite all right. :)

I should note, though, that we're talking about a time where Nikki was merely the Angel of Judgment, and having one heck of a bad day. What I was trying to get at was that she has never been in a situation before where her Word (her job) and her Choir (her nature) were giving contradictory impulses, and circumstances dictated she had to pay attention to the former at the expense of the latter.

Put another way: her resonance could tell her that the people that she was interrogating were guilty. What it couldn't tell her was whether they were worth another chance. Maybe it could, at AA level: but she still had stats at this stage of her development.

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