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October 11, 2007



Maybe, maybe not. They did pre-orders back in May, and didn't sell all of those.

Of course, the -real- die-hards already have the chapbooks.

Moe Lane

Yeah, just rub it in. I came in late, 'kay? :)


No, no. That was intended to be -encouraging-. Delta Green fandom is a fairly small group. The true die-hards already own the original chapbooks, and thus have no need for the reprint. The pre-orders didn't sell out, meaning that supply (for a change) outstrips demand. You should have no problem acquiring a copy. See? Encouraging!

Moe Lane

And in point of fact, one is wending its way to me even as we speak. :)



I await your Mythos-themed output with bated breath.

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