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December 12, 2007


Royce Day

If you use Windows, you should be able to find movie editing software called "Windows Movie Maker" in the Accessories folder. If not, you can probably download it for free off of Microsoft's website.

Uploading to YouTube costs nothing, though you are limited to ten minute segments.

Neil Stevens

Depends on whether you're looking to record yourself, or just take images/videos/sounds you already found on the internet to splice it together.

If you want to record yourself you need some way of digitizing a video. Any old webcam may do, but you can get as fancy and expensive as you want.

In any case what you want from there is to take your video and put it into a piece of software to edit/process/trim it down to size.

I'm pretty sure you're in Microsoft land, so I don't know what to recommend software wise since I don't follow the Microsoft land software environment, but I wouldn't be surprised if you can find something cheap or free to get the job done for a simple little video.

Google's own YouTube help may assist you further.

Moe Lane

OK, thanks to you both. I guess that I need a webcam.

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