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July 24, 2008



Interesting twist on the old Atlantis fable... I think it is more consistent with the original core books than what they did with Cabora.

The traditionalist in me is having trouble with the use of Domae Stones in the islands off of Vodacce -- the only recorded canonical Domae sites are in Montaigne. Still, I think it's quite appropriate that an ancient culture would have a better idea of how to manufacture, harvest and/or utilize Syrneth technology.


Why was I not more specific? Oh, because I started out with a ninth Vodacce island, then moved it to Cabora. Right. Should have payed closer attention to the revisions.

If it makes the traditionalist in you any happier, the stones come from Kaptara Island itself, not Lorenzo and Mondavi Islands. It was weird having them anywhere but Charouse, but I wanted something to stand in for orichalcum without inventing Yet Another Class of ancient artifacts. Domae stones, multi-purpose little darlings that they are, seemed to fit the bill.

Oh, and speaking of "consistent with the original core books": a work in progress. It's not 100% mine, folks on the boards are chiming in. But it's a lot mine.

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